About WiC Microsoft Cloud Accelerator

Women In Cloud Microsoft Cloud Accelerator is an immersive 6-month program to assist women-led tech companies to co-build their Cloud + AI innovations, co-market and co-sell with Microsoft and their distribution channels. This program is designed to help you win enterprise opportunities, get access to Azure credits, get access to subject-matter experts & executives, a global network with the ultimate goal of creating economic growth and job opportunities that are aligned with the UN goals.

Upcoming Kickoff Dates

  • 5.0 Cohort - February 26, 2021 (Digital - open to all locations) - Deadline to Apply February 22, 2021 (12pm PST)
  • 6.0 Cohort - August 27, 2021 (Digital - open to all locations) - Deadline to Apply August 20, 2021 (11:59pm PST)

Companies Eligible to Apply

  • With at least one woman in the C-level role with decision making power in the company
  • Based anywhere in US, Canada, Africa, India, Germany, France, UK, Greece, and the UAE
  • Targeting enterprise opportunities in any industry sector with a potential to scale
  • Must be in business for one year with one pilot customer and developed a cloud solution
  • Looking to scale business through Microsoft and their distribution channels

Application Process

  • Apply using this form
  • Upon acceptance, sign an engagement agreement
  • Instead of taking equity, WIC charges a small flat fee of $1000 USD/company
  • Participate in WIC activities to engage with advisors, mentors, and corporations

Learn more about WiC Microsoft Cloud Accelerator here: https://www.womenincloud.com/cloud-accelerator/

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Coronavirus, our Cloud Accelerator program has been revised to be a fully digital experience (including speakers, webinars, working sessions, and office hours). Rather than limiting it to specific areas, this is open to global applicants. 

Learn more about Women in Cloud's Global Expansion here

Women In Cloud has partnered with some of the top companies like Google, Accenture, T-Mobile, Hitachi Solutions and many others to bypass the application process and put your resume and profile directly in front of a recruiter. At no cost to you. And, in addition those who submit their candidate profile by March 1, 2021 and get a free ticket to International Women’s Day event (valued at $49.)

This is an incredible opportunity you won't want to miss!

The Women in Cloud Digital Summit 2021 will host the #CloudJobs Recruitment Lounge on 11 March 2021 from 3.00 PM - 5.00 PM (PST).

If you have any questions please email blakem@meylah.com or fill out the following form. Our goal is to get back to you within 48 hours of submission.

Anyone can submit jobs to our site. Just fill out the form below and we'll get back to you within 24-48 hours. You can see a full listing of jobs here

Thanks for your interest in the #WiCFounderCollective. Once submitted we'll get back to you within 24-48 hours.

 We Believe Every Woman, Every Child Must Have Access To A Basic Mask

The COVID-19 pandemic poses serious risks to the hard-won gains made towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal #3 on basic health needs for women and children.

Half of the world’s population does not have access to basic health care. With the influx of this pandemic, we are seeing a significant population encounter a common issue which is women and children don’t have access to mask for their physique. Often, the masks available to them are designed with a man’s body frame in mind which ultimately results in a lack of ideal protection. Women In Cloud is taking collective action to empower the community to create access to 100,000 masks for women & children around the world.

To Learn More:  https://www.womenincloud.com/empowherwithmask/ 


Pre-Order Masks

The latest MASK preordering system allows companies to participate. Our solution lets corporations and companies to purchase masks and pay in advance. 

For every 1000 masks purchased, WiC will donate 1000 of your branded masks to women and children in areas of need in partnerships with non-profits. Feel free to place bulk orders. 

Any questions, please send an email to cvedulla@womenincloud.com

Business advisors for the Cloud Accelerator program will undergo a selection process. Once approved, there will be readiness training provided for selected advisors. Completion of the below application does not automatically register applicant as a confirmed advisor.

2020 Kickoff Dates:

  • New York - March 19, 2020
  • Chicago - June 2020
  • India - August 19, 2020
  • Canada - October 2020

2021 Kickoff Locations (dates TBA)

  • Greece
  • Africa
  • France
  • UK
  • Germany
  • UAE

Learn more about Women in Cloud's Global Expansion here

We're all in this together. Women in Cloud is taking an active role to identify policies and solutions to prevent economic losses for female tech entrepreneurs. Your contribution will help us to develop a detailed report to share with policy-makers and global companies across the world. 

Please take 15 minutes to share how you and your business has been impacted. 

Women In Cloud in partnership with Founders Live, M12, The WIT Network, IAMCP, UN EQUALS, and Microsoft Alumni Network is conducting a survey to collect the initial financial impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, policies that could have prevented losses and associated business changes. 

If you are a women led technology company, please consider filling it out with whatever information you may currently know. 

As countries, states, and cities respond to the COVID-19 virus, WiC wants to understand the effects on our community so that we can best advocate for possible policy changes and also leverage the report for recommending access for emergency funding and programs to sustain your companies.

*If things are uncertain or might change, that's totally fine! We'd still very much welcome your responses!

Why is it important to act now? This information will help in the following ways:

  1. Development of a report that policy makers and corporations can use for developing policies that prevent economic loss 
  2. Development of evergreen solution recommendations that tech companies can take to prevent economic loss in any future crisis situations
  3. Ability to aide in policy development and business continuity for this segment to continue to help women entrepreneurs

Note: As this is a continually evolving situation, we may resend this survey for updated responses, or follow up with you individually on any additional information we may need, so we are asking you to identify your business on the survey and include contact information. 

 Taking into consideration the current situation, WIC community hopes to help you out with any business-related problem that you are facing due to COVID-19.  


Become a Cloud Leader

The Women In Cloud Network needs you. :)

We’re the Women In Cloud Community is working towards building economic access for women.


You are the ambassadors to and leaders of our industry’s network. We need you to:

1. Connect with Leaders. Keep in touch with peers. Even host a peer circle in some area of your interest.

2. Teach with content. Develop blog posts from you or your peers to teach others about your industry experience.

3. Expand the tent. Promote our annual conference, local meetups, and our content to attract new members.

3. Invitation to Events: Exclusive access to our annual conference, local meetups, and our content to engage with the community


  • A recognized role on our website that you can put on your resume and on LinkedIn
  • Profile in our content marketing
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Introductions to interesting people in our network.
  • Fun. :)

Each country was selected based on many factors including:

  • rate of cloud adoption
  • presence of Cloud hyperscalers
  • presence of female entrepreneurship (typically based on the global female entrepreneurship index)
  • policy makers currently investing in entrepreneurship and economic empowerment
  • opportunities to create impact in billions via co-selling with hyperscalers
  • as well as gaining strategic access to windows that allow us to spread into neighboring countries and across each continent.

To accomplish this, we’ll be enlisting influential community leaders in each country to form a Women in Cloud board with experience in the following areas:

  • Entrepreneurial Experience in Tech
  • Venture Capital & Private Equity Relationships
  • Public Policy Advancements
  • Community Development
  • Go-To-Market with Cloud Hyperscalers
  • Board Development

Women are already and will continue to be at the forefront to shape and drive economies around the world, so we are making it our mission to bring education & skill building along with community building to ensure economic development.

Join us today to make an impact!

It’s happening! The chance to bring your enterprise-ready solutions to the market is here!

Welcome to WIC Solution Marketplace.  Enterprise tech is one of the fastest-growing and most influential sectors of the tech industry with enterprise cloud software spending expected to reach $457 billion this year, but the numbers indicate that women are largely being left out of that economic opportunity.  

Submit your enterprise-ready cloud solutions and services today to feature with the best and brightest women of our generation.

There are disproportionately fewer women founding startups that serve the enterprise. Only 2% of female entrepreneurs are founding B2B companies, compared with 12% of men. Furthermore, if women entrepreneurs received funding on par with their male colleagues, some estimates indicate that the global economy could experience a $5 trillion boost, studies suggest

Women in Cloud are proactively organizing all the solutions and services to serve the enterprise market. If you are interested, please apply to get your solutions or services featured on the marketplace and provide GTM campaigns to participate to reach global companies. 

Qualifying is easy. Women-led companies developing an enterprise-ready cloud solution that’s earned less than $10 million in the past 12 months qualify. 

WIC: Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Program (WIC:MCAP) is a 6-month program to accelerate female-led tech organizations to bring their Cloud + AI innovations to be co-market and co-sell ready with Microsoft. Entrepreneurs will learn to develop their Cloud business model, Cloud solution, source-target customers, get access to subject-matter experts & executives with an ultimate goal of creating economic growth and job opportunities that are aligned with the UN goals.

Applicants will be selected to participate in the program and will each be assigned a dedicated advisor to create access to potential customers, partners, and subject-matter experts to help them realize their business goals. 

Specific Cohort Dates to be announced at a later date. Feel free to contact Raisa Noelle with any questions at raisa@womenincloud.com

Women in Cloud