Here at Women in Cloud we offer an array of opportunities for our Women Tech Founder Community building million dollar SAAS and Services business in the enterprise ecosystem in partnership with Cloud Hyperscalers and Marquee Fortune Brands.


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WIC Founder Programs and Benefits:

  • WIC Cloud Cosell GTM Accelerator with Cloud Hyperscalers - Two Times Per Year, 15-20 companies per cohort max.
  • Monthly Female Founder Roundtables - Focused on getting access to investors, technologies, GTM experts and more.
  • WIC Solution Marketplace -- Designed to generate demand for your solution
  • Joint Press Releases and Case Studies -- Established to accelerate brand building within the ecosystem in partnership with WIC
  • Discounted Tickets to Signature Events and CXO Event Series -- Save hundreds of dollars in event fees
  • WICxTop100 - Get seen by Fortune 1000 companies across the world
  • Coaching Programs -- Get coached by leaders from brands such as Accenture, Insight and others
  • In-person curated experiences -- Get invited to WICxIcons Dinners designed to build relationships

Existing Programs in Play

  • WICxTop100
  • Guinness World Record Attempt

Upcoming Kickoff Dates

  • Co-Sell Cloud Accelerator 8.0 Cohort - Winter 2023 
  • Insight Founder Coaching Program- Spring 2023 
  • Digital Cosell GTM Demand Generation Series -- Spring 2023

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