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Use this form to submit a blog or blog to be shared on the WIC Website in partnership with the 21 Days of Action Economic Access Campaign

Share why creating access is important to you. Get the community excited about taking action and signing the pledge to enable the success of women tech entrepreneurs. Create a relatable human approach to taking action within our communities for fair and equitable access to economic opportunities.

If Submitting a Blog:

Please answer the questions within this form to help us formulate a blog post in relation to what you would do if you had a million dollars to help create economic access. The intent of this is to support the awareness of the economic access campaign of the 21 Days of Action

Once the questions within are completed, we will connect you with our WIC Content writer who will help to shape your message into a blog post, then it will go back to you for the final review before publishing. Once it is published online and shared on social media, we will tag you so that you have visibility and can share it with your network as well. 

If Submitting a Vlog:

Upload your video. Please keep it to 10-15 mins or less. We will add an opening and closing graphic to your video to tie it into the 21 Days of Action Campaign.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.