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At #WICxAnnualTour 2024, the AI Pitch Challenge is a prestigious competition that showcases innovative AI solutions designed to address real-world challenges while promoting gender diversity and sustainability. This competition welcomes companies from around the world to present their AI-ready solutions that leverage cloud services from Microsoft, AWS, and Google, with a special emphasis on having at least one woman with decision-making power in the company.

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During the summit, 10 finalists will present their solutions to the crowd and compete for a chance to win a cash and PR promotion. Be recognized as an up-and-coming leader in the enterprise tech space, and compete for the top prize of $2,000 in cash and brand promotion to contribute to your business growth.

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Qualification Criteria:

  • Gender Diversity: Eligible companies must have at least one woman in a decision-making role who can influence the development of AI solutions.
  • AI-Ready Solutions: Companies must be developing AI-ready solutions, which can range from early builds to more advanced implementations, using Microsoft Cloud, AWS, or Google Cloud services.
  • Global Participation: Companies can be based anywhere across the globe.


Judging Criteria:

A panel of AI Leaders from the WIC community will evaluate the pitches based on the following criteria:

  • Problem-Solving: Does the AI product or service offer a viable solution to a problem faced in the target market?
  • Positive Impact: Does the AI product or service demonstrate the potential to create a meaningful and positive impact on society or the environment?
  • Innovation: Does the AI product or service introduce a unique and innovative approach or perspective to the market?
  • Execution Plan: How effectively does the pitch outline the plan for achieving the stated goals, including marketing, operations, and resource acquisition?


Accepted Submission Formats:

Participants can choose from two submission formats:

  1. Video Pitch (Four Minutes or Less): Participants can create a video presentation to showcase their AI solution and its potential impact.
  2. Written Document (1-2 Pages): Alternatively, participants can submit a concise written document that outlines their solution and business strategy.

Key Dates (Updated):  

  • Applications will be received until Friday, Jan12th at 11:59pm PST
  • Finalists will be notified and provided details on how to prepare for Digital Pitch Challenge on Friday, Jan19th, 2024
  • Digital Pitch Challenge will be held on Friday, Jan26 at 12pm - 1pm PST

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The WICxTop100 Founder spotlight campaign will recognize this year's leading women tech founders who are developing cloud solutions that consider environmental sustainability and foster economic and social development. Through a digital spotlight series, WIC will spotlight these Top 100 women cloud founders and their solutions that are accelerating innovation, changemaking, and championing collective impact that’s helping to advance ESG and SDG goals.

Women In Cloud regularly features blogs on a variety of topics of interest to the women in cloud community on our website, network, newsletter and social media.

Topics range from technology innovations, collective action and wins, leadership, events, economic opportunities , book showcase, helpful resources, first-hand accounts and experiences from the Women in Cloud network, research or issues affecting the women in tech, and interviews with influential leaders from a variety of backgrounds and professions.

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Here are some suggested guidelines for your original content for Women In Cloud Blog:

  • Word length: 250 – 500 words
  • Narration: First-person narration which showcases your unique journey or experience
  • Pictures or videos: Two or three high-resolution photos of your experience or journey, if relevant, and/or a video
  • Promotional items, i.e. link to a new book or upcoming event, to be included at the end of the post. Note: the emphasis of the blog should be on sharing your personal story/experiences.
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  • Biography: A short 2-3 sentence biography to be included in italics at the end of your blog post
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Blog Topic Focuses

  • Digital Inclusion
  • Purpose Driven Leadership
  • Digital Skilling
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  • Technology Access
  • Digital Marketplaces
  • Digital Transformation
  • Non Profit Digital Transformation
  • Gender Equity
  • Racial Equity
  • AI & AI for Good
  • Female Tech Founders
  • Social Impact

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Here at Women in Cloud we offer an array of opportunities for our Women Tech Founder Community building million dollar SAAS and Services business in the enterprise ecosystem in partnership with Cloud Hyperscalers and Marquee Fortune Brands.


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WIC Founder Programs and Benefits:

  • Monthly Female Founder Roundtables - Focused on getting access to investors, technologies, GTM experts and more.
  • WIC Solution Marketplace -- Designed to generate demand for your solution
  • Joint Press Releases and Case Studies -- Established to accelerate brand building within the ecosystem in partnership with WIC
  • Discounted Tickets to Signature Events and CXO Event Series -- Save hundreds of dollars in event fees
  • WICxTop100 - Get seen by Fortune 1000 companies across the world
  • Coaching Programs -- Get coached by leaders from brands such as Accenture, Insight and others
  • In-person curated experiences -- Get invited to WICxIcons Dinners designed to build relationships
  • WIC Cloud Cosell GTM Accelerator with Cloud Hyperscalers - Two Times Per Year, 15-20 companies per cohort max.

Upcoming Kickoff Dates 

  • Accenture & Insight Founder Coaching Program- Spring/Summer 2023 
  • Digital Cosell GTM Demand Generation Series -- Summer 2023
  • Annual Summit 2024 - Winter 2023/2024

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